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Product description
An acrylic copolymer matt latex emulsion paint. It has good flow, hiding power and colour retention properties. Durosan gives a smooth, flat, washable and durable finish.

Recommended application
For new wall :

  • 1 coat PVA primer
  • 2 coats Stucco
  • 2 coats Durosan

Colours : As per colour card.

Theoretical spreading rate:
Approximately 6-8 sq.m/Ltr.

Condition during application:
The temperature of the substrate should be minimum 10 oC and at least 3 oC above the dew point of the air.

Recommended Use:
For interior use on most surfaces i.e. cement plaster, stucco filler, gypsum board, concrete, asbestos cement sheeting and rendered block work.

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